Does the name PPFA stand for anything as an acronym?
PPFA stands for Past Present Future Africans. It has been in operation since 2012 and became a registered non-profit organization in December 2017. What is PPFA's Employer Identification Number (EIN)/tax ID? PPFA's EIN is 82-3736176. For easy location, this number can also be found on the very bottom of PPFA's homepage.
State of Incorporation: TEXAS, TX
Country: US
Does PPFA accept international donations?
Yes. PPFA accepts donations from anyone anywhere.
Where do my donations go?
Ninety five percent of monetary donations goes towards shipping, transportation of the books from San Antonio to Houston, and from Houston to Douala-Cameroon. Some of the money goes to transport the books from Douala to the various villages and also to the construction of the library or upgrading of current libraries. Five percent of expended resources go toward administrative and fundraising expenditures.
Where is PPFA located?
PPFA has its main office in San Antonio, Texas. It has officers in Buea and Bamenda Cameroon.
Where does PPFA operate?
PPFA is an organization that works in the USA and Cameroon. Most of its fundraising operation and book drives occur in the USA.
What system does PPFA use to process donations?
PPFA processes all donations online via PayPal. All other non-monetary donations are by US postal system.
Who supports PPFA?
PPFA depends on small financial donations from individuals, local businesses, and other institutions.
Does PPFA accept donation in honor of someone?
Yes. Contributions in honor of someone can be made online by entering the honoree's name and the address for sending the acknowledgement. PPFA also processes this request by phone, in honor donations can be made by calling 210-449-0252. Please be ready to provide the honoree's address.
How can I mail in my donation?
PPFA foundation donations can be processed through our secured PayPal account or checks can be mailed to PPFA Foundation (Attn: Dr. Solomon Nfor) 8631 Laguna Rio, San Antonio Texas 78251.
What can I donate?
Books (preferably scientific text books), laptop computers, laboratory equipment, diabetes test kits, blood pressure devices, bag packs, lenses, etc.
Does PPFA accept volunteers?
PPFA accepts volunteers. However, volunteers willing to travel to Cameroon have to cover their cost of transportation and lodging as the organization is strict on spending every dollar on the programs or projects. The board members work at 100% no cost to the organization. Using volunteers internationally can be very costly in regard to airfare, meals and lodging.
Can I or my company partner with PPFA for fundraising opportunities?
Support one of PPFA's annual events or marketing programs, provide gifts for raffle to benefit the foundation, encourage your members to visit our homepage and donate.
How can I sponsor a child?
PPFA has an elaborate plan in identifying children in need of sponsorship. However, we encourage your support of entire communities through our overall literacy efforts, which we know – from our many years of experience – is the most effective way to educate all.