Friends of Oak Park Library donates to PPFA

Friends of Oak Park Library, Detroit Metro, Michigan. donates 97 boxes of assorted books to PPFA as part of their efforts to promote global literacy.

Cultural Literacy Program

Pineapple Through Dr. Solomon Nfor's talk, I was inspred to create my Little Free Library and include books in which featured characters of color and their unique experiences. At my school and local library, there were not a lot of books that described or told the beautiful stories of those who identified as people of color. This made me feel empowered to share their stories with my community in a creative, inspiring way so that others would know that they are not alone, and that their skin color , history and culture are beautiful! Through this, I was able to reach and enlighten many of my neighbors who may have not been aware of experiences different from their own.

Mia M. - Age 16)
San Antonio, Texas
Literary City USA Umbrella Program - Cultural Literacy Session (Year) 2021

Dr. Nfor interviewd: Black History Makers at ACD

Pineapple Dr. Solomon Nfor is an Associate Professor of Anatomy & Physiology, Nutrition and Environmental Science at St. Philip’s College. His birthplace is Cameroon, West Africa where his thirst for education sparked the drive he currently has for African youth and their desire for formal schooling. In 2012, Dr. Nfor’s passion for educating the youth of Africa led him to campaign for the donation of used textbooks which were shipped to universities in Africa. From that effort, Dr. Nfor created a non-governmental organization (NGO) named Past Present and Future Africans (PPFA) where he now presents to youth nationally and internationally and continues his efforts of donating textbooks and lab equipment to universities in Africa. Listen to Dr. Nfor’s story and learn more about this extraordinary member of the Alamo Colleges District family.

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